Wylie, Texas

Month: July 2008

Episode 5 – Forensication

Here is the fifth episode of Forensic 4cast. In this episode we discuss the sweet taste of RevEnge.  We also answer some questions posted by our good listeners. Please look out for Simon’s Wii Fit video on YouTube. If you have any comments please post them here.

Episode 4 – Ups and downs

Here is episode 4 of the podcast.  This week Lee and Simon talk about, amongst other random things, rebellion in the state of Texas, cold boot attacks, Truecrypt vulnerabilities, and Julie Amero. The link to the cold bot attack source code is found here: http://citp.princeton.edu/memory/code/. We’re going to look at some of the comments and…
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New episode later today!

Simon and Lee recorded a new episode of forensic 4cast last night, it will be available for download sometime later today!!! We’d love to hear from anyone who cares to say anything about digital forensics.  If you have comments or questions you can either add comments to our posts or email 4cast@whitfields.org We have set…
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Things Not to Do to a Hard Drive Part 1

Episode 3.1 of the podcast is still available on this site and via iTunes. This is no doubt the first of many experiments in the name of Forensic 4Cast. It really depends on what other strange stuff I may feel like doing in the future. This first experiment involves an already broken hard drive, an…
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Episode 3.1

I know its been a while.  Thanks for your patience. This week Simon and Lee discuss an absurd law in Texas, greedy Private I’s, PTK, and Simon has a story about a lucky teenager.

And… We’re back!

All I can do is offer my apologies once again.  I’ve had to send my Mac off for repairs, then my audio equipment went all weird.  We actually recorded an episode only to play it back and find that there was so much noise that it wasn’t worth adding to the feed. Anyway, we’re planning…
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