Wylie, Texas

Month: May 2020

Yet another Shameless Plug

Yesterday I came to you with a request to buy and read my father’s book. It was 100% for charity and for your own edification. Today’s request is somewhat less altruistic. COVID-19 screwed up a lot of people’s plans. SANS moved from live, in-person classes to the “Live Online” format very quickly. So quickly and…
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Shameless Plug

I’ve been a digital forensic investigator for several years, I’ve been nominated to act as an expert witness as occasion permits. I’ve testified in court and stood up to some particularly rigorous questioning at times. This, I’m sure you’ve all heard before. What you may not know is that expert witness work is in my…
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Forensic 4:cast Awards 2020 – Voting is Now Open

Greeting all, what an interesting 2020 we’ve had so far. I trust that you and your family are well and safe. The nominees have been counted and I’m very proud to announce the voting for the 2020 Forensic 4:cast Awards is now open. Please take the time to post your votes for your favorites. Also,…
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