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My name is Lee Whitfield and I am the founder of Forensic 4cast.

I had the idea of producing this podcast in 2008. I asked my brother, Simon, to join me as cohost and we started recording. I had no idea of the kind of impact that we would have had. Thousands of downloads from all over the world later and Simon and I are recognised by many people in the field of digital forensics. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done much to merit that kind of attention but here we are.

A little about me…

Lee Whitfield – Founder of Forensic 4cast

Before becoming involved in the field of digital forensics I worked for an international  construction law company. My role was to assist the expert witnesses as they provided forensic construction services to their clients.

I was comfortable in this role and could have spent the rest of my life working in that field but I wanted to follow my passion and work with computers. It was around this time that I met Larry Sewell (formerly of Guidance Software). I was intrigued as Larry told me about the field of digital forensics and I knew that this was the field for me.

I had already been accepted to study Quantity Surveying at the University of Central Lancashire. I changed my degree and was soon enrolled in the first Computing (Forensics) degree at that university.

I graduated 3 years later and started my first job in the field of digital forensics just days after sitting my last exam. My first job gave me a terrific grounding in the industry for which I’ll be forever grateful.

After five and a half years doing forensics in the UK I moved my family to Dallas, Texas. I joined Digital Discovery in 2011 as Director of Forensics.

I have experience in cases involving child abuse, rape, attempted murder, fraud, intellectual property theft, burglary, and so on.

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  1. hello i am 14 years old and am looking for a place to do my work experience i have been interested in forensic science from a young age and want to study forensics and hopefully have a career in forensics but i am struggling to get a placement within Lancashire and i was wondering if you could give me some tips.

    • Well I don’t mind I was hoping to study both and get an idea As to how they both work and then decide when I go to college.

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