2011 Results

On Tuesday 7th June the third annual Forensic 4cast Awards took place at the SANS Forensic Summit in Austin, Texas.

The nominees are listed below and the winners are highlighted in red.

Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics – Individual

  • Harlan Carvey
  • Rob Lee
  • Ryan Kubasiak

Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics – Company

  • Microsystemation
  • Guidance Software (CEIC)
  • AccessData

Best Digital Forensics Blog

  • Windows Incident Repsonse
  • A Fistful of Dongles
  • Lenny Zeltser on Information Security

Best Digital Forensics Book

  • Windows Registry Analysis
  • Malware Analysis Cookbook and DVD
  • Virtualization and Forensics

Best Digital Forensics Blog Post/Article

  • Ken Pryor – “I’m Here, Now What?”
  • Matt Churchill – “Free Digital Forensics Triage Tool”
  • Rob Lee – “Digital Forensic SIFTing: SUPER Timeline Analysis and Creation”

Best Digital Forensic Podcast

  • Forensic 4cast
  • Cybercrime 101
  • Cyberspeak

Best Computer Forensic Hardware

  • Tableau TD1
  • Voom Hardcopy 3
  • Tableau TMSS-II01

Best Computer Forensic Software

  • log2timeline
  • FTK 3
  • EnCase Forensic

Best Phone Forensic Hardware

  • XRY
  • MPE+ Field Tablet
  • Cellebrite UFED

Best Phone Forensic Software

  • XRY
  • MPE+
  • Paraben Device Seizure

Best Civilian Forensic Team

  • NID Forensic Academy
  • Digital Discovery Corporation
  • Mandiant

Digital Forensic Investigator of the Year

  • Lee Whitfield
  • Matt Churchill
  • Jonathan Rajewski

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