2015 Results

2015’s Forensic 4:cast Awards were held on Tuesday July 7, 2015. The awards were hosted, as always, by SANS at their DFIR Summit.

If you’d like to watch the awards ceremony you can see it here: 2015 Awards

The finalists for each category is listed below. The winners are highlighted in red.

Computer Forensic Software of the Year

Shellbags Explorer
Internet Evidence Finder

Digital Forensic Blog of the Year

Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog
Windows IR

Phone Forensic Hardware of the Year

UFED Touch
Logicube CellXtract
XRY Tablet

Digital Forensic Book of the Year

Art of Memory Forensics
Forensic Examination of Windows-Supported File Systems
Practical Mobile Forensics

Computer Forensic Hardware of the Year

Atola Insight Forensics
Tableau TD2u
Tableau T3iu

Phone Forensic Software of the Year

Internet Evidence Finder
Mobiledit Camera Ballistics

Digital Forensic Organization of the Year

Teel Tech

Digital Forensic Investigator of the Year

Sarah Edwards
Bob Elder
Alejandro Perez