2019 Awards

The awards ceremony was held at the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin on July 26, 2019.

The winners of the awards are marked in BOLD below:

DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year

  • *Magnet Forensics*
  • Cellebrite
  • X-Ways Forensic

DFIR Blog of the Year

  • *Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog*
  • mac4n6
  • Binary Foray

DFIR Non-commercial Tool of the Year

  • Volatility
  • Autopsy
  • *Eric Zimmerman Tools*

DFIR Show of the Year

  • *Forensic Lunch*
  • 13Cubed
  • This Month in Forensics

DFIR Book of the Year

  • *SQLite Forensics – Paul Sanderson*
  • Investigating Windows System -Harlan Carvey
  • Mobile Forensic Investigations – Lee Reiber

DFIR Article of the Year

  • Mastering EDL Mode – Scott Lorenz
  • *Knowledge is Power – Sarah Edwards*
  • A forensic examination of the technical and legal challenges surrounding the investigation of child abuse on live streaming platforms: A case study on Periscope – Graeme Horsman

DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year

  • Brett Shavers
  • Phill Moore
  • *Eric Zimmerman*

DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year

  • Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics – Champlain College
  • *Cellebrite Training Courses*
  • SANS FOR508

DFIR Groundbreaking Research of the Year

  • *APOLLO and Knowledge C – Sarah Edwards*
  • Event Tracing for Windows – Nicole Ibrahim
  • NTFS Timestamps and Registry – Maxim Suhanov

DFIR Resource of the Year

  • *This Week in Forensics*
  • DFIR Training
  • About DFIR

DFIR Newcomer of the Year

  • Brooke Cavides
  • *Jamie Vendel*
  • Kevin Pagano

DFIR Team of the Year

  • *Magnet Forensics*
  • Kroll
  • G-C Partners

Digital Forensic Investigator of the Year

  • Mari DeGrazia
  • Alexis Brignoni
  • *Eric Zimmerman*

Live Vote: Presentation of the Summit

  • *Distributed Evidence Collection and Analysis with Velociraptor: Fast, Surgical, at Scale… and Free! – Nick Klein & Mike Cohen*