2013 Results

The winners of the 2013 Forensic 4cast Awards are as follows:

The nominees are listed below and the winners are highlighted in red.

Computer Forensic Hardware Tool of the Year

  • Tableau TD3
  • Ultradock 5
  • Tableau T35u

Digital Forensic Article of the Year

  • Incident Response with NTFS INDX Buffers – Hamm & Ballenthin
  • NTFS Triforce – Cowen
  • Leveraging the Application Compatibility Cache in Forensic Investigations – Davis

Phone Forensic Software Tool of the Year

  • Cellebrite Physical Analyzer
  • XRY
  • WhatsApp Extract

Digital Forensics Book of the Year

  • Malware Forensics Field Guide – Malin, Casey & Aquilina
  • Practical Malware Analysis – Sikorski & Honig
  • The Basics of Digital Forensics – Sammons

Computer Forensic Software Tool of the Year

  • 4n6time
  • Internet Evidence Finder
  • Volatility

Digital Forensic Blog of the Year

  • Volatility Labs Blog
  • Digital Forensics Blog – Ken Pryor
  • Journey into Incident Response – Corey Harrell

Phone Forensic Hardware Tool of the Year

  • Cellebrite UFED Touch
  • XRY Field Version
  • Project-a-Phone

Digital Forensic Organization of the Year

  • Volatility Team
  • Verizon RISK
  • Mandiant

Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year

  • Andrew Case
  • Alissa Torres
  • Heather Mahalik

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