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  • Shameless Plug

    I’ve been a digital forensic investigator for several years, I’ve been nominated to act as an expert witness as occasion permits. I’ve testified in court and stood up to some particularly rigorous questioning at times. This, I’m sure you’ve all heard before. What you may not know is that expert witness work is in my […]

  • Why You Should Take the SANS Mac Forensics Class

    I had an experience a few months ago in which one of our cases required an out-of-state collection. The client didn’t want to pay travel expenses so they asked for a local forensics expert to image the system and then conduct the analysis. When he arrived on site he called the client and explained that […]

  • Lantern Lite Imager

    I’m aways happy to give credit where credit is due. This week I had a dilemma. At work we have a license for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer (excellent software) but we needed to have the ability to obtain physical images of several iOS devices at several locations at once. We needed to act quickly and as […]

  • Testing Acquisition Software Part 1

    At work we’re going for the ISO 17025 certification. As part of this I have been verifying and testing tools for a few weeks. This has involved creating a set hard drive containing sample evidence and using my forensic tools (both hardware and software) against that drive and subsequent images. The most recent tests have involved testing […]

  • F-Response TACTICAL Review

    F-Response TACTICAL is now available but is it as good as its predecessors?