Episode 2 – “They Came From the Desert”

Episode 2 is now up, Simon and Lee discuss the CSI Stick, FTK 2 woes, and some weird ants that are attracted to and eat technology.

We experienced some technical issues during the show so please accept our apologies. Any problems wil be fixed for the next episode.

Keep listening after the closing song…

4 responses to “Episode 2 – “They Came From the Desert””

  1. Excellent show guys! I’m really glad to have another forensics podcast to listen to. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. @jama

    There’s Cyberspeak – see the link on the left.

    @Lee & Simon

    I haven’t listened to Episode 2 yet, but your intro theme on 1 is the same as they use in Cyberspeak. Not their main theme, but one of their sections – “Listener E-mail” I think. I’ve been listening to it for months, but it’s good to see something similar from a UK perspective.

  3. Yep, the music is the same. I’ve used music available from Garageband, as Cyberspeak has. Its difficult to find/make good music that doesn’t get you sued. I’d love to use something else to differentiate a bit more so if you have any suggestions for free-to-use music I’d be delighted.

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