Episode 4 – Ups and downs

Here is episode 4 of the podcast.  This week Lee and Simon talk about, amongst other random things, rebellion in the state of Texas, cold boot attacks, Truecrypt vulnerabilities, and Julie Amero.

The link to the cold bot attack source code is found here: http://citp.princeton.edu/memory/code/.

We’re going to look at some of the comments and emails we’ve had so far next week so please, if you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

3 responses to “Episode 4 – Ups and downs”

  1. Please buy Simon a real mic, I can’t hear a word he’s saying.

    Whether that’s a blessing in disguise I’ll never know.

  2. Simon & Lee… Great show, but it seems the audio levels need to be brought up a bit.

    Regarding MFCE… I encourage you to contact Lee Reiber from MFI to discuss the process. This is much more than just going to a course and taking a test. There is a battery of practical examinations on real phones that must be completed from a “basic” level examination to advanced level methodologies.


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