Episode 7 – Pants

Hooray! (I hear you cry).  Yes you are quite correct to cheer my friend as the latest episode is now available.

This week Simon and Lee discuss the Private Investigator law (again?), the RIAA, Blackhat, and Lloyds TSB password policies.

I know you’ll be riveted throughout the episode.

(I’ve fixed the player now, apparently there was a bug in the site.)

6 responses to “Episode 7 – Pants”

  1. More PI stuff — Boring
    RIAA stuff — Boring
    DNS poisoning, covered thoroughly in the last month on Security Now.
    Review of Black Hat — Bori…Oh well, you get the idea.
    Maybe the last 14 minutes will be better. Sigh.

  2. Sorry Brandon, it was said tongue-n-cheek.

    LN, I’m sorry that you find it all so boring. I do this because I love it. Its not easy finding the time to do this given that I’m very busy with work and have a young family. Throw into this that there’s not a lot of news to cover on this subject and the episodes may not be that interesting to some people from time to time. I’ve said all along that if anyone has any ideas on what to talk about they should post them here.

    The wonderful thing about the internet is that anyone can do this – so feel free to start your own and make it less boring. I’d be happy to listen to it.

  3. I am still a fan…

    My take on the RIAA is that they are scaremongers, if they can strike terror in the hearts of file sharers, they feel that will stop file sharing. That is silly, of course.

    The whole PI thing is way overblown. But I have talked with PIs in California who actively report anyone offering forensics services of any type. But the California agency which regulates PI says that just doing forensics is not PI work, but actually investigating past the forensics report might be-if I find that Jones has been using the company computer to surf porn with, then go to actually interview Jones about it or his coworkers about it, that would be PI work.

    Keep up the good work lads, your’s is best podcast out there-untiel Ovie and Brett come back. I do appreciate the time and labor.

  4. I apologize for my rudeness in my previous comment. I appreciate that fact that you are trying to put out an interesting show without compensation other than self satisfaction.

    If you have a show next week, Google Chrome might be a good topic to include, including its ‘Incognito Mode’. I understand that it stores thumbnails of web sites visited.

    I enjoy your discussions of forensic tools, and I hope for the best for your podcast.

  5. Forgiven,

    I realise that we can drag things on a bit so we’ll try better in future. I think that the problem is that we get mixed messages, some people say that the podcast needs to be longer, some say we waffle too much. I think that we’ll do what we do and see how it pans out. Like I said, I do this for the fun of it mainly.

    The idea of doing something on Google Chrome sounds interesting to me. If we get time over the weekend we’ll take a look at it, however, I’ve just started my CCE so I’m going to be even further pressed for time.

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