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Episode 8 – Chrome

Mark McKinnon was so kind as to do an interview for us today.  Mark is the writer/author (what the correct terminology there?) of the software Drive Prophet.  He talks to us about his software and what he hopes it will add to forensic investigations.  He was a great person to have on the show, excited and passionate about his work.

Mark can be found either at Red Wolf Forensics or his blog.

3 Responses

  1. Links for the software mentioned:

    Google Chrome parser is http://redwolfcomputerforensics.com/downloads/google_chrome_parser.zip

    Skype Log Parser is http://redwolfcomputerforensics.com/downloads/skype-log-installer.exe

    Please remember that the Google Chrome Parser needs more work and some finishing touches.

  2. LN says:

    IE8 is also scheduled to have an “Incognito” mode.
    I’ve listened to most of this podcast. The best so far!
    Definitely not Pants!

  3. Ron says:

    Excellent episode, chockablock with forensic goodness. It is Weetabix without all those wheaty biscuity parts.

    It would interesting if you guys could talk about what hardware and software that you have found to be the most useful in doing actual forensics work. What sort of write blockers and the like.

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