Episode 10

*** There is a small problem with the first 25 minutes of the show, there is lots of buzzing and noise, sadly there is little we can do about it now.  Sorry, it will be better next time! ***

Today we talk about encryption keys and how they can get you a beating, a much needed refresh of the computer misuse act, virtual murder,  and the future of phone forensics.

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8 responses to “Episode 10”

  1. Can you specifically name some of the cellular phone analysis tools you use? In the podcast you mention you use different tools, but I did not catch which ones. Your podcast is very informative and I enjoyed your conversation on the future of cell phone forensics. Thx

  2. Just out of interest how many times do you think you said “Erm” during this interview of your friend ?

    I counted well over 100 before I lost the will to live !

  3. Even erm, Simon is it erm, saying erm quite alot, erm so, erm, perhaps you should,erm try not to say, erm, “erm” too much ?

    erm, ok ?

  4. Erm ******** erm! For the love of God please stop saying erm!

    I have hit my head on the wall as many times as I have heard you say erm!
    The blood is dripping down my face and I cannot see due to the congealed mass stuck to my eyes!

    Please stop, I have downloaded this juvenile drivel which is basically two soppy southerners giving each other ****** ************ under the premise of forensic security!

    Are you married or not, you don’t seem to know according to this interview!

    If you don’t even know your own marital status how can you be taken seriously?

    I bet my left testicular you are within the 19 to 29 year old age group, no life, no girlfriend, no job, still living at home! This interview is a joke, you are a fraud, a dreamer, you know nothing and just like to say the big words you have read or heard elsewhere.

    As for you working for the police, ***** utter ***** neither of you two ladies or should I say teenies have the mental capacity! Grow up and take this ***** off the net, you are wasting bandwidth!

    I do admire your enthusiasm but you are not in any league I am aware of. Honestly if you have ever and I mean ever actually worked outside of Tesco’s I am leaving this country and I hate the dumbing down of England due to this ******** Labour retarded Government!

    I dare you to have the testicular fortitude to allow this post past your ego censorship!

  5. All comments are welcome on here (except spam of course).

    Like I always say, we are just two guys who love the field of digital forensics and enjoy doing the show.

    I realise I say ‘erm’ a lot, I’m working on it 😉

    Now, if you look back through the comments on here you’ll see that, on occasion people have left comments that have been controversial or potentially insulting. I do not allow my ego to get in the way of these comments being posted. I have only replied to these in an amicable and polite manner, so this is going to be a one-off.

    Allow me, if you will, to draw some of my own conclusions from your group of comments above:

    1) You were not enjoying the podcast, obviously, and yet you continued to listen.

    2) You posted these comments between the hours of 1 and 2 am on a Saturday morning.

    3) You left no name, email address, or website, and even anonymised your IP address.

    Do you have nothing better to do in the early hours of the morning than listen to an hour’s worth of ‘juvenile drivel’? You sit there and say that we have no life and yet you’re the one listening to this episode so early on a Saturday morning. Then you spend a decent amount of time commenting on the episode instead of doing something more productive.

    On some level you feel ashamed of what you have posted as you have left no clue as to your identity – I invite you to post back with your name to prove me wrong. I suspect that you know that the things you have posted are not true.

    I suspect that you have reached this site from one of my posts on ‘Forensic Focus’ in which I have said something that you disagree with. Why not come up with a well thought out argument and reply in an intelligent manner.

    As for the other comments, I’m not bothered about people attacking me in this manner, I expect it in my profession and online. I am not a naive person. I fully expected comments like these to pop up from time to time, and there will be many more, I’m sure.
    There are, however, many people that find the podcast informative and useful and to them, I apologise for my little outburst.

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