Episode 11 – Boondoggle

Just got my replacement power supply after a week of waiting, thanks for nothing Steve Jobs!

Actually, the name of this episode may apply in more ways than one.

Thanks to Mark McKinnon of Red Wolf Computer Forensics for joining me this week.  Simon picked a hell of a week to go away with the whole AccessData / Guidance affair.  Having said that, maybe we should send him away more often if news like this appears.

One response to “Episode 11 – Boondoggle”

  1. Good podcast.

    Your podcast was the first time that I had heard of the AD offer. Funny thing, I was all over their website, but did not see a mention of it.

    What scares and intrigues me would be if Google bought either AD or Guidance. Can you imagine the power that could bring to an investigation. You collect the images remotely then process them on some Google server cloud? It scare me because Google probably has more computing resources than any country’s intelligence agency. It intrigues me because all the raw processing power could find relationships in data that humans never would be able to .

    Anyhow, if Guidance goes under, maybe I can pick up some cheap Encase software on Ebay.

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