New Site – Updated

Welcome to our new site.  I have spent a while working on different designs and finally arrived at one that I really like.

I have been busy writing things and getting ready to do a new podcast episode, however, due to personal issues, I have not been able to get anything up on here yet.

Please notice the layout at the bottom of the main page, there are four categories (and more can be added if good suggestions are made).  These are:

  • News
  • Technical Articles
  • Methodolgies & Best Practice
  • Podcast Episodes

The titles of these should be self explanatory, but in case they are not these will cover the following:


This will cover anything site related and anything news worthy from the world of digital forensics.

Techincal Articles

This will contain ‘White Papers’ based on research carried out by authors and anything that we consider to be of value to the digital forensic community.

Methodologies & Best practices

Here you will be able to find articles relating to customer relations, standard procedures, and bascially anything that is not technical in nature.

Podcast Episodes

The reason that everyone comes here in the first place – to listen

I hope that you find the new site helpful.  If you feel you have anything to contribute then please let me know.

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