Episode 13 – Munkaphobia

In this, our longest episode to date, we discuss the news from the last few weeks.

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One response to “Episode 13 – Munkaphobia”

  1. Just a few rambling thoughts about the latest episode…

    First, regarding the issues around the search warrant used by the FBI on the computer of the Tennesee individual accused of hacking her Yahoo email account…. I think that a better analog example (instead of the file cabinet example you called out on the show) would be thinking of a search warrant that allows authorities to search a house for a stolen rifle. Is it reasonable – under the auspices of that warrant – for the authorities to search location that obviously couldn’t conceal that rifle (like a shoebox)?? I’d submit that here in the colonies that we don’t approve of that. The lesson for the FBI and US Attorney is to write a better search warrant…

    I’ve searched for the text of the warrant on the intertubes and it didn’t readily appear. I’m interested in seeing it at some point…

    Second, regarding the job of Forensic Investigators getting harder. Yeah, it will…. Ever since the dawn of technical investigations the bad guys have always tried to hide (Sherlock Holmes waxed philosophic on this, IIRC) and the good guys always, given time, catch up. Just because this is now a digital age and the ability to destroy/obfuscate/hide evidence is “easier” doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing…all things being equal from a privacy and enforcement perspective.

    Lastly, you may want to realize that the rules for law enforcement (which seems to be the main area you work in) are VASTLY different from corporate investigators. Maybe we can chat about that one day…


    Martin Fisher

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