Awards Update

I just wanted to post a quick update about the Forensic 4cast Awards.

There is a new static page for the awards so that it doesn’t get bumped off the list of articles.

The awards have already been covered by Matt Shannon over at F-Response, ForensicFocus, and by Harlan Carvey and Larry Daniel on their respective blogs.

So far the front runners for each category are:

Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics (Individual)
Matt Shannon, Rob Lee

Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics (Company)
F-Response, Sans Forensics

Best Digital Forensic Article/Blog Posting
iPhone White Paper – Andrew Hoog

Best Digital Forensic Blog
Windows Incident Response – Harlan Carvey
Sans Forensic Blog

Best Digital Forensic Book
Windows Forensic Analysis – Harlan Carvey

Best Computer Forensic Hardware Tool
Tableau Write Blockers

Best Computer Forensic Software Tool
X-Ways Forensics, DCFLDD

Best Phone Forensic Hardware Tool

All the others are too close to call.

Is there someone missing from the list that you think should be there? Get your nominations in by emailing them to

Remember, even nerds deserve an award!

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