Forensic 4cast Episode 16 – Tool

In this episode of Forensic 4cast we discuss the latest news, the Forensic 4cast awards, and Rob Lee joins us to discuss, among other things, the Sans Forensic Summit.

As a special bonus for listeners Rob has arranged for listeners of Forensic 4cast to attend the summit for a discount of 10%. Just use the code 4cast10 when making your booking.

2 responses to “Forensic 4cast Episode 16 – Tool”

  1. The main reason most people voted on the Pirate Party in Sweden wasn’t because of the Pirate Bay but rather because of laws like Ipred and FRA. The Ipred law lets the music industry get your name from an ISP and they can do a search at your home without the police. The FRA-law lets our equivalent of NSA listen to all internet traffic crossing our borders (they _should_ throw away traffic that is originating and ending inside Sweden). Upcoming laws about forcing ISP:s and mobile network operators to store data about who you call, when you do it and where you are (for mobile phones) are other reasons that people are angry with the new 1984 society and voted for the Pirate Party.

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