Let the Voting Commence

I have finally found the time to count the nominations. Below are the top three nominations in each category.

***Voting is now open***

Please email your votes to ‘vote@forensic4cast.com’. Remember, unlike the nominations, you can only vote once in each category.

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to vote for the people you feel deserve recognition.

The Forensic 4cast Awards – because even nerds deserve an award!

Outstanding Contribution to Digital Forensics (Individual)
Matt Shannon (F-Response)
Rob Lee (SANS/Mandiant)
Jamie Morris (Forensic Focus)

Outstanding Contribution  to Digital Forensics (Company)

Best Digital Forensic Article/Blog Posting
Iphone White Paper
Memory Forensic Acquisition and Analysis 101

Best Digital Forensic Blog
Windows IR (Harlan Carvey)
Sans (Sans Forensics Team)
Forensickb (Lance Mueller)

Best Digital Forensic Book
Windows Forensic Analysis (Harlan Carvey)
IPhone Forensics (Jonathan Zdziarski)
File System Forensic Analysis (Brian Carrier)

Best Computer Forensic Hardware Tool

Best Computer Forensic Software Tool
X-Ways Forensics
Drive Prophet

Best Phone Forensic Hardware Tool

Best Phone Forensic Software Tool
Pandora’s Box

Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year
David Kleiman
Rob Lee
Jonathan Zdzjarski

Lifetime Achievement Award
Rob Lee
Brian Carrier
Ovie Carrol

On July 19 2009 we will be doing a live video broadcast on Stickam. You can watch it on the Stickam website or right here. More details of the broadcast will be revealed as the time gets closer.

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