Episode 18 – Standing Room Only

This is our longest episode to date, 1 hour and 45 minutes. We’ll try to keep it down in the future.

Lance Mueller joins us for an interview, we also discuss the Sixth Amendment, the RIAA and Mediasentry, and virtual porn.

One more thing…

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2 responses to “Episode 18 – Standing Room Only”

  1. Concerning the prosecution of the individuals having virtual porn on the computer, I think the biggest motivation is fear. If Tennessee guy goes on to do something actually criminal, and the media finds out about the pictures, the police would be crucified for not taking action sooner. Sadly, while I agree with the suggestion of mandating counseling, if something happened later, again the police are crucified for not doing enough. Like you said, I think we’ve lost touch with what the laws are supposed to do

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