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In an attempt to make the podcast a bit more friendly and introduce a social element I have added more means of contacting us.  I hope that, by doing this, we can involve you a bit more in the show.  If there’s a good article or news item that you think would be good for the show drop us a line.  If you leave us a voicemail we’ll do our best to get it played on the show (assuming it is relevant and not littered with inappropriate content).

The contact information is given below:

  • You can comment on each posting
  • Email us at lee@forensic4cast.com
  • UK Voicemail – 0709 288 9434
  • USA Voicemail – (435) 565 4533
  • USA SMS – (435) 565 4533

Also Simon and I are both on Twitter.  Simon can be found at twitter.com/englishgit and I can be found at twitter.com/schizophreud.

I’m sorry if you don’t live in the UK or USA. You can still send in voice messages via email if you wish, just keep the attachment below 20MB.

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