Forensic 4cast Awards – Replay

For those of you that missed the extravaganza of the Forensic 4cast Awards, it is available for second viewing courtesy of ustream.

Please pardon the quality. We were working on a limited budget (nil) but we tried and we’ll continue to get better.

7 responses to “Forensic 4cast Awards – Replay”

  1. Great job on this guys! There are few people in the world that would appreciate your efforts – count me as one of them! Here’s to many years of success for you both.


  2. Best Phone Forensic Software Tool – thanks guys much appreciated.

    I am guessing there is no budget for trophies – so maybe next year we can sponsor you awards so you can actually afford to hand out some trophies to the winners 🙂

  3. If it’s good enough for Hugh Jackman at the Oscars it’s good enough for the 4cast awards – I hope next year to see Lee’s song and dance routine …

    Nice one guys, keep up the good work !

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