Episode 23 – The Butt of Everyone’s Jokes

e-fense, porn hacking, stupid criminals, and John McCash joins us to talk about certifications.

3 responses to “Episode 23 – The Butt of Everyone’s Jokes”

  1. John McCash is basically right, certifications doesn’t make the expert. But there has to be some way to show that the ‘expert’ has some minimal set of competencies.

    I jokingly took to task a policeman on a forensics mailing list. This man had a dozen plus abbreviations after his name. Most of them were from computer vendors and it looked rather silly. His reply was that he wanted to encourage other forensics technicians to gain certifications.

    If a certification will help you in a job or in court, then by all means get it. But just having a bunch of paper for your wall is quite daft. I see forensics jobs asking for an A+ certificate or requiring a typing test.

    Ron ACE, MCP, DC3 category winner, owner of 124 hard drives, two write blockers, a FTK 1.6 dongle, a CSI stick, Herbert Asquith’s false teeth, and other obscuria.

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