To Our Generous Listeners and Readers

You’ll notice a new link under the Forensic 4cast header at the top of the page that reads ‘donate’.

Running a podcast and website is a costly and time consuming and past time.  In the coming weeks and months I am aiming to take Forensic 4cast further and add new features to both the podcast and website.  As a result of all of this I am asking for monetary contributions to Forensic 4cast.

I’m not asking for much, just a small amount. Just enough to offset some of the cost of keeping Forensic 4cast running so that it does not have as much of an impact on my personal finances.

Don’t worry we’re never going to charge for the podcast  and we’re not going to suddenly stop broadcasting.  We’re here to stay, make no mistake. We’re just looking for donations so that we can do it at less cost to ourselves.

Many thanks,


One response to “To Our Generous Listeners and Readers”

  1. Look for a belated Christmas gift from me after the real Christmas is over. Spending too much on things for the grandkids now, but next month I’ll likely be sending something your way.

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