Episode 25 – The Little iPhone Worm That Could

In this episode Lee and Simon discuss the new Digital Forensics Magazine and the MTEB conference.

Lee has been using F-Response TACTICAL and will be posting a review on the website soon.

Our new video website is almost ready. Expect an announcement soon.

In news Chrome OS has been released, Peter Mandelson’s reign of terror has come to an abrupt end, another iPhone worm has been reported, a wife helps to rumble her husband, Microsoft attempts to stop the COFEE spill from spreading, and bitlocker encryption has been cracked.

We have also kicked off two new segments ‘Listener Spotlight’ and ‘Forensics on a Shoestring’.

Andrew Hoog of Via Forensics joins us to discuss smart phone and, more specifically, the Android platform.

As always, if you’re interested in contributing to the podcast in any way please let us know by emailing us, posting a comment here, or sending us a message on Twitter.

5 responses to “Episode 25 – The Little iPhone Worm That Could”

  1. I heard that at the MTEB conference…

    Someone was incredibly political…

    At one point, I was told it was like sharks circling a drowning swimmer….

    Very interesting dont you think?


  2. Regarding bitlocker.

    Yes it is possible to use bitlocker without TPM. To setup bitlocker without TPM requires some additional steps on the part of the user. TPM provides added protection during the boot process, several layers of protection are added to prevent tampering during the boot process. Even without TPM you can still setup bitlocker, for example in a vmware machine. Note, setting up bitlocker in vmware is discouraged by Microsoft’s licensing terms, mainly because the additional layers of protection offered by TPM are absent.

    Although bitlocker is not commonly encountered, please do not become complacent regarding it or any other Full Disk Encryption. We are likely to encounter more and more of FDE, especially on laptops/netbooks and embedded devices such as mobile phones, IMHO.

    I would encourage people to become familiar with Bitlocker and other FDE methods, use vmware to research techniques on how best to deal with these etc. All the more reason to consider an appropriate live forensic response with suitable tools and techniques.

    Jon Evans.

  3. Another great podcast, most definitely worth $3. The new guy did a great job, but his accent is hard to understand. Is he from Merseyside?

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