Episode 26 – Make Mine a DECAF

In this episode we discuss the latest happening with COFEE and DECAF, a new digital forensic magazine called Into The Boxes, an interesting initiative launched by the UK government, and we talk to Dave Melvin and Joe Garcia about their podcasts.

Dave is one of the three hosts of Inside The Core and Joe hosts Cybercrime 101.

2 responses to “Episode 26 – Make Mine a DECAF”

  1. Great podcast, Waldo and Trevor! It was chockablock with pathos and gravitas.

    I disagree with the idea that giving kids computers is going to lead to more computer crime. It is like saying that giving kids books leads to more book thievery. Now that might have been true in Dickens time, nowadays kids are illiterate.

    It is sad that Waldo lives in a council estate. But since I once I spent a winter in a Morris Minor saloon outside of Ipswich (Go Tractorboys), I can understand his troubles. I would advise him not to put his jumpers in the boil wash, obviously his collars are too tight.

    While I enjoyed the guests, I was very disappointed by the obvious Macfanboyitry of the one guy. His antipc attidude made me spew my morning Wheat-a-bix on the cat, Cholmondeley. My cat is not used to that all sir!

    Finally, I am pleased to see that you are continuing on with the Forensic Awards. Please do not allow your choices to be influenced at all by those hooligans who try to buy their way in by donating to the website. The bottle of some people to think that a knicker or two can bribe someone.


    PS Cholmondeley was quite interested in the mouse story, please include more rodent related forensics in the future.

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