Forensic 4cast Awards 2010 – Your Opinions

As you are no doubt aware, last year Lee and Simon hosted the first ever Forensic 4cast awards. This proved to be more successful than we could ever have imagined.  What started as a a bit of fun soon became something more. We found that people took this very seriously and the reaction to the awards was incredible. We’ve had offers of companies sponsoring future Forensic 4cast award ceremonies and we’re very grateful (and may even take them up on their offers).

I’m not here to announce when the awards will take place or ask for nominations (even though some people have jumped the gun already), I here to ask your opinion. How would you like the awards to proceed this year? Did you like the way it was organised last year? Should we aim for bigger and better?  Please tell us how you think things should be.

As usual you can contact us through email, twitter, voicemail, text message or comment on this posting. Our contact details are as follows:

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