Forensic 4cast: The Return

Over the last few months a lot has been happening. Alisha, my beautiful wife, is expecting our third child. I quit my job at Zentek (long story) and have now started a new job at Disklabs. This new job required a change of address so we’ve moved some 90 miles. The Sans EU Forensic Summit start next week where I am presenting about Volume Shadow Copies and sitting on a panel. So, all in all, I’ve been busy, very busy, and Forensic 4cast has suffered as a result.

Things are now starting to slow down a little and some semblance of normality is now being rescued from a torrid few months. This means that I’m ready, once again, to jump back into the saddle and start recording Forensic 4cast once again. This time, however, I’m looking to do things a little differently. I want to have a panel discussion consisting of 3 or 4 people each episode discussing the latest issues concerning digital forensics. That being said I’m looking for people to fill these positions. Don’t worry, I’m not looking for long term commitments, just an episode here and there. For those of you familiar with the TWIT network I’m looking to do a Forensics version of ‘This Week In Tech’. If anyone is interested please let me know by commenting here, sending me a message on Twitter, post something on the Facebook page, email, leave a voice mail, etc.

I’m looking forward to doing this and getting away from the old format, especially as another forensic podcast has a similar format 😉 Recording will likely recommence the weekend of April 24th. If you’re interested get in touch, all you need is an opinion and a spare hour or so.

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