Digital Forensics Magazine Issue 4 Launches in August

Digital Forensics Magazine, one of the fastest growing resources available for IT security specialists, is launching its fourth edition in August. With a global coverage, the print and online magazine is fast establishing itself as the must-have magazine for practitioners and students of digital forensics.

Issue 4, released online on August 1st, takes a look at how effective traditional digital forensic techniques are at obtaining forensically sound data in scenarios where computer misuse has been used in attempts to frame the innocent. The DFM team also investigates and details the state of digital forensics in law enforcement around the world identifying which countries are doing well and which have much to do, highlighting the disparity in skills and qualifications between each. In a world that is getting ever more interconnected and one in which international online crime is on the increase, the industry should look to establish and apply minimum standards .

Other features include:

  • Preservation of Evidence – How an organization should establish its policy regarding the investigation of a computer crime scenarios
  • Psychosocial Forensics – A novel approach to operational forensics
  • iPhone Forensics – An exploration of the challenges that the iPhone has introduced for the digital forensic investigator
  • In “Meet the DF Professionals”, DF Mag interviews viaForensics’ Andrew Hoog
  • Live Data Collection – Ron Tasker asks why we should or shouldn’t capture live data at a crime scene
  • Real Time Stenography – A use case for Real Time Network Forensics
  • SANS’ Rob Lee asks, “Do you have what it takes to be a digital forensics pro?”

As well as the usual book reviews, legal section and product reviews, readers are given the chance to win a free ticket to the SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response summit either in the UK in September 2010, or in the US next July 2011.

Digital Forensics Magazine issue 4 is published online on August the 1st and digital subscriptions start at under GBP30. Users can upgrade their subscription to the print and digital version for only GBP10 at any time.

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Digital Forensics Magazine is the flagship publication of TR Media Limited, a UK-based company which specializes in publishing academic quality consumer magazines and books for the information security sector. Digital Forensics Magazine combines the depth and research of the best academic journals with the more traditional consumer feel of a trade magazine. For more information, please visit

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