Forensic 4cast – Live

Last episode we had a first for our little podcast, we had our first female on the show. We struck a blow for chauvinism worldwide… well… maybe not, but it was good to have Cindy on the show. She was awesome and is welcome back anytime.

This coming Sunday (August 15) we’re going to have another first. Episode 33 will be broadcast live.

In order to make this a success we will need a lot of interaction. We currently have Jesse Kornblum and Mark McKinnon lined up as guests so if you want to ask them a question or comment on anything we discuss you can do so in a couple of ways. First you can participate via Skype. Sadly Skype isn’t particularly great at adding calls to current conversations so we’ll have to work backwards meaning that I’ll have to call you on Skype. If you want to participate you can let me know during the show by sending a message on Twitter, emailing, commenting on our Facebook group or page, or by some other means. PLEASE DO NOT SKYPE ME as this will interrupt the broadcast.

Second, I have found a hashtag that we can use on Twitter #f4c. Anything posted with this hashtag will be scrolled along the bottom of the screen during the broadcast. You can use this to ask questions, comment, or just poke fun at me.

You can watch listen to the live broadcast at or

We have our own chat room set up at Just enter a username and you’re good to go (no password needed).

The broadcast will begin at 8pm BST, 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific. Hope to see you then!

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