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Happy new year everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has made some good resolutions for the coming year (and. moreover, that you have not yet broken them).

We, at Forensic 4cast, like to come up with fresh ideas once in a while to stop the old show getting stale. Some of these ideas are widely heralded as brilliant (the Forensic 4cast Awards for example), others don’t get the kind of backing we’d like and they fall by the wayside (may the forum rest in peace). The latest of these ideas came to me a few days ago. I’ve spent time thinking about it and came to the conclusion ‘Why not?’

Each episode of Forensic 4cast gets, on average, 1500 downloads per month. Its not a huge number but it is a good start. Sadly, due to family and other commitments, I’m not in a position to record and edit a new episode of 4cast more than once per month. However, I do have a near-unlimited amount of storage and bandwidth for others in the forensic field to use. Do you have something to say? Do you have a microphone? Why not record something and send it my way. If its good, we’ll put it in the feed for everyone to download and listen.

The kinds of things that I’m looking for are:

  • product reviews
  • cheap investigation methods and software
  • forensic news
  • research results
  • new techniques
  • interviews

Do not think that, just because your idea does not fit into any of the items listed that I won’t consider your input. Far from it.

I don’t want to get bogged down with too much so I kindly ask that any participants limit these mini-episodes to 5-10 minutes in size. They can be video or audio, just make sure that they are in a widely used format such as mp4 for video and mp3 for audio.

If you are interested please let me know either in the comments, or by any of the methods of communication set out in our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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