Forensic 4cast Awards 2011 – Nominations are Open

***NOTE*** You can nominate as many times as you want, even in the same category if you wish.

That time of year is upon us once again. It is awards season and, as such, the nominations for the 2011 Forensic 4cast Awards are now open.

We’ve made a couple of changes this year that will, hopefully, make the whole process fairer to everyone involved. We not only ask for who you want to nominate but we also want to know why. When filling out your nominations please provide a reason for the nomination and bear in mind that the awards will only be given for work from the last year.

We’ve also added a couple more categories, namely “Best Law Enforcement/Military/Government Forensic Team” and “Best Civilian Forensic Team”. This brings the total number of awards to fourteen.

The nominations will remain open for a few months and voting will only be open for a shorter period of time leading up to the awards ceremony.

Details about the awards ceremony will be published in due course but, in the mean time, have fun nominating.

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