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Episode 39 – Luby’s Worst Nightmare

In this episode Rob Lee has joined me to talk about the Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists (CDFS).

For more information about CDFS please visit http://www.cdfs.org

Also, if you’re wondering what Rob was talking about towards the end, here’s the video in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA565OyOkLM


I can not be held responsible for your own personal well-being if you choose to watch this.

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  1. Luby says:

    In case anyone is wondering about the episode title, here is some background. Back in the very early days of Forensic 4Cast, Lee and Simon did an episode that included a segment regarding a proposed Texas PI Law. I flamed the episode on their web site because I thought that the segment was too long (I was right) and that the issue was not important (I was definitely wrong). Since that time Lee and I have become Twitter and email friends, and have regularly joked about the Texas PI law. During the Twitter bobblehead thread, for example:

    englishgit Simon Whitfield
    RT @luby_cfce How about a Lee Whitfield bobblehead that says “Texas PI Law” repeatedly until you want to kill yourself? <-funniest tweet ever

    Now the issue has become much more important to me. I hope that the CDFS gains the support and momentum it needs to positively affect legislation regulating our industry.

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