Call for Volunteers – Forensic 4cast Awards

Dear all,

It is quickly approaching the awards season. Yes the Oscars, the Grammies, the Golden Globes, and others will be held in the coming months but, most importantly, we will soon be accepting nominations for the Forensic 4cast Awards.

Once again SANS has been kind enough to host the event at the Forensic Summit (held at the Omni Hotel in Austin June 26-27 2012) and my new employer, Digital Discovery, is going to furnish the awards themselves.

For the last two years I have pretty much handled the event myself. This has made the awards ceremony… interesting at times. For this reason I’m asking for some volunteers to assist this year. If you’re going to be attending (and you should be) and you think you could help in any way please let me know via the “Contact Us” page.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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