Unofficial Awards 2012 – Results

Forensic dance of the year – Hal Pomeranz
Shiniest head in digital forensics – Rob Lee
Wussiest punch in DFIR – Dave Kovar
Forensic Tool of the year – Mark McKinnon
Forensic beard of the year – David Cowen
Best photoshop of Lee Whitfield – J-Michael Roberts, Brian Moran, Mark McKinnon
Most confusing presentation – Hal Pomeranz
Handsomest male forensicator – Joseph Shaw
Prettiest female forensicator – Lee Whitfield
The “Not Bad for an Old Guy” Award – Ovie Carroll
Most unpronounceable name in forensics- Kristinn Gudjonsson

Please take your time to vote in the REAL awards before the day is out.

You can watch the unofficial awards here:

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