Wylie, Texas

Year: 2013

4:mag Challenge Solution

Earlier this year I published the first (and, thus far, the only) edition of 4:mag. In this issue I set a challenge in which a copy of David Cowen’s latest book “Computer Forensics InfoSec Pro Guide”. The only information you were given was as follows: Somewhere in the digital copy of the magazine (downloaded from…
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4:cast Awards 2014

The time is rapidly approaching. On January 1 2014 the nominations for the Forensic 4:cast Awards will open. As always we anticipate the awards and look forward to giving these awards to the most deserving people and companies in our field. While I may host the awards and publicize them the whole process belong to…
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Where I Am

I love doing forensics. I’ve been working at this for 7 years and still get excited whenever I find that nugget of gold helping to prove/disprove a case. I love discovering new things and learning. I love teaching forensics too. I’ve taught for SANS this year and it is extremely rewarding. For some reason I’ve…
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Gmail and Mailvelope Leakage

A few months ago no-one had heard of Edward Snowden, PRISM, Bullrun or Cheesy Name (yes, that is a real project name). Since these revelations many people, including average computer users, have become a lot more security conscious. I’m frequently asked questions about how one can increase his/her security and try to keep their data as…
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4:cast Episode 43 – Where No Forensicator Has Gone Before

This episode we’re joined by Jad Saliba from Magnet Forensics as he discusses the newly announced phone features of IEF. We also talk about NSA letters, Prism, and how Logicube are going all trekkie on us.

Gmail Retention and Your Privacy

By Google’s own count there are more than 5 million companies that now use Google Apps for Business. This comprises of Fortune 500 companies, education institutions, government bodies, etc. Each of these organizations will have multiple accounts with, potentially, thousands of users that frequently sign in to Google Mail. I’m sure none of this is…
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Most of you may not agree with me posting this on the 4:cast site but I need to do it so please bear with me. This morning I read two things that created complete polar opposites in emotion. As a father there is a need and desire within me to protect my children no matter…
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Learning Experiences

No-one gets to where they are in life without making a few mistakes. It is how you recover from these mistakes, and how you learn, that define you. I’ve been thinking of things that I can share on the website that I’m unlikely to share in the magazine (you’ve read the magazine right? RIGHT?) and…
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Forensic 4cast Awards 2013 – Meet the Nominees

You may be aware that the voting for the 2013 Forensic 4cast Awards is now open. Voting will remain open until May 31 2013. Voting will close afterwards to allow time to get the awards engraved. Many people in the field placed their nominations and the top three from each category progressed to the voting…
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