I’m Teaching 2 SANS Classes

I’ve been quite closely affiliated with SANS for a while. They have been kind enough to host the Forensic 4cast Awards for the last 3 years, and again this year. I’ve presented at their conferences and even helped my arch nemesis, Ovie Carroll, teach the 408 class in Orlando last year. I’ve been wanting to get into the whole course instruction for quite some time and finally I’m going to get my opportunity.

Monday April 29 through Saturday May 5 2013 I will be teaching the SANS 408: Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows In-Depth class at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Markham, Ontario Canada. This is very close to Toronto city center. Toronto is a beautiful city with great food and entertainment. If you have want to take this class there is no better place to take it that there.

The 408 class is great and a must for both those who are new to the field and seasoned professionals alike. I would also recommend taking this class if you are involved in computer security or you work in the legal field. Computer investigations are becoming the norm for most legal cases and it would greatly benefit any legal professionals.

Please make your plans to come to and participate in a great class.

To find out more please visit the link below:


I’m also scheduled to teach a class here in Dallas at the end of September.

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