I’m happy to report that this year we have seen the largest number of votes in the history of the awards. You guys are all obviously very passionate about the resources you use on a daily basis.

I will be traveling and giving testimony the week before the awards so I won’t have time to get the awards engraved if the deadline of May 25 remains in place. So I’ve decided to bring the voting deadline up to May 20 (next Tuesday). I realize this is kinda last minute but it is either do this or risk not having any awards to hand out at the summit.

BTW there has been a small change to the schedule too. The awards are now scheduled to start at 4:45pm (Texas time) on Monday June 9. If you are nominated PLEASE make every effort to attend. I get requests for people to send their awards on but that is time consuming on my part and is unlikely to happen with any great urgency on my part. There’s still a couple of awards yet to go out form last year. If you can’t attend, please try and make arrangements with someone else to represent you should you win.

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