My New Company

Hi everyone. I just wanted to make a minute to let you know that in addition to my working at SANS I’ve also set up a company so that I can keep doing the forensics work that I love. I will, of course, continue to post here when I have something to say. I’ll also continue running and hosting the Forensic 4:cast Awards at the DFIR Summit in Austin. If you are looking for a forensic expert with testifying experience, please check out my page at My new company also has a blog. You can check that out at

Speaking of which, my presentation at EnFuse , “MAC times, Mac times and more” is a full session. This means that if you want to attend you’re out of luck for EnFuse. However, you can still see the presentation if you attend the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin. In addition to seeing my presentation you’ll get to see loads of other fantastic presentations, see the awards in person, and enjoy the music and food of Austin. All very good reasons to attend.

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