Just Forensics, Mercifully

Last week I had the privilege of addressing the attendees of the 2020 SANS DFIR Summit. I spoke about the need to reach out and help those not as fortunate as ourselves. Please take 25 minutes to watch the presentation and then do something about it.


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  1. This was really interesting to listen to. Can I just say as someone who has no real skill or knowledge in this field I found this very accessable and powerful. It really shows how powerful and influential those working in computer forensics can be to actually helping poeple get justice and preserving their freedom and reputations. I know the reverse is also true that these same poeple can also help ensure people who deserve to be acted upon by the law actually are.

    Though I am not in this field I felt very strongly the impact of these remarks and they are things I can apply in my own life if to a lesser impact (I definitely won’t be impacting a court room). However I do have skills I can offer for free to those who might not otherwise be able to access them and so benefit towards are more fair and equal world one small step at a time.

    My company allows for two vollunteer days a year and I have not always used them to the maximum use. I will change that and make a plan to use my vollunteer days to use the skills I have to serve some of the people who are most likely to be unable to access them.

    Thank you for sharing this message with me it has been enlightening on a personal level but also helped provide an insight into the importance of digital, computer forensics to someone who is in large part ignorant of the field’s work.

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