Moving On

I’ve never worked anywhere for as long as I’ve worked at SANS.

I started in February of 2017 and have had several roles in the company since. I started supporting OnDemand students and made my way up until I was testing lab exercises for many of the classes taught at SANS.

I love the company and believe in its mission. During my time there I’ve seen exceptional people join the company with the goal to make it better and improve the product, and they have. SANS is, without any doubt, the best job I’ve ever had and a great organization.

When I joined SANS, someone told me, “Don’t think of this as a permanent job. In a few years, you’ll feel that itch to get back into the world and that’s fine.” Honestly, after a few years here, I thought I’d be here forever.

While working full-time at SANS, I also ran 337 Forensics. That kept me in the loop as far as DFIR work goes, but I was only doing a few cases a year. Recently, I’ve been hungry to do more.

Today, I’ve left SANS to join CRA as a Principal in its forensics practice. I will be joining my good friend, David Cowen in the Dallas office and helping the company to establish a greater DFIR-based presence here in North Texas.

I am sad that the day-to-day interactions with some of the people at SANS will stop, but also happy that I’ll still see them at SANS events where I’ll still be teaching and presenting (if they’ll have me).

Phil, Sadie, Mark, Crogs, Rob, love you guys.

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