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    • I don’t have a mailing list, per se, but you can subscribe to our feed at the bottom of the page for now. I’ll look into putting a mailing list together if more people show interest.

    • I’m very sorry, but I do not share that data. I collect email addresses for the sole purpose of making sure that people don’t vote multiple times.

    • Hi Bob, again, this is not by design or my choice. I do not randomly pick nominees. The community, at large, decides who is nominated and who wins. So you disappointment is misplaced.

    • Life gets in the way. As the awards won’t be held until late July this year, I see no harm in announcing things a little later than normal.

  1. Vikas, all forensic tools were put into one category. So yes, they are rated, but it no-one nominates them, they don’t make it.

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