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  • Forensic 4cast Awards – Open to All

    This is an important update on the Forensic 4cast Awards. SANS have announced that both the Forensic Challenge Awards and the Forensic 4Cast Awards will be open to anyone that wishes to attend. This will be the case whether or not you are a delegate for the summit. This is superb news and I’d like to […]

  • Forensic 4cast Awards 2010 – Voting is Open

    The nominations have been taken and counted and now we have narrowed down the fields to just a few for voting. You will notice that the ‘Blog Article’ entry has not made the cut. This is because so many people nominated different articles that no two nominations were the same. I know this is the […]

  • Lessons from Data Recovery – Part 1 (Repost)

    I originally posted this entry over on the Disklabs computer forensic forum (http://www.computer-forensics.co.uk/computer-forensics-forums/forum.php) but also thought a lot of people would benefit from it being repeated here too. I’ve been working at Disklabs for a few weeks now. I’ve mostly been confined to the digital forensics lab but I’ve been able to poke my head […]

  • Episode 28 – Xerox This!

    This week we’re joined by Eric Huber (@ericjhuber) from ‘A Fistful of Dongles‘, Tom Yarrish (@CDTDelta), and Martin Fisher (@armorguy) from the ‘Southern Fried Security‘ podcast. In this episode we discuss the Gizmodo/Apple situation, the death of privacy, forensicating photocopiers, more on schools spying on students, and a potentially dangerous exploit that could put digital […]

  • Facebook Video

    I know we’ve only done two episodes so a phrase such as “a break for the norm” doesn’t seem to apply. Simon has been quite busy this week so we’ve not had time to do a full podcast yet, but we’ll do one before the week is out and have it up here by the […]