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Forensic 4cast Awards 2010 – Voting is Open

The nominations have been taken and counted and now we have narrowed down the fields to just a few for voting. You will notice that the ‘Blog Article’ entry has not made the cut. This is because so many people nominated different articles that no two nominations were the same. I know this is the risk of running nominations and I may change the format next year.

You will also notice that the categories will have two, three, or four nominees. This is because the nominations were so close. We didn’t want to pick and choose so we’ve just left it all up to you.

Finally. We’ve decided to take the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award off. We will still be presenting an award for this but it will be at the discretion of Forensic 4cast. This is likely to be the case for this category from now on.

Anyway, as before we’ve asked that you give your name and email address just so that we can stop people from spamming.

Voting will close on July 6 2010. That’s only three weeks so get voting!

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  3. Doug Paige says:

    the Cellebrite UFED is the most proactive Forensic device on the Market. R&D should be their company name.

    they always have the support you need and if you need something supported call them and they will at no cost….

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  6. JusticeMan says:

    Well its been sponsored by Disklabs, so no way are we all attending

  7. Lee Whitfield says:

    JusticeMan, the awards ceremony is not sponsored by Disklabs. The physical awards have been furnished by Disklabs and that is why their logo appears on them.
    I can not stress enough that the Forensic 4cast Awards are not sponsored by anyone in any way shape of form.
    On a side note why would Disklabs’ involvement make a difference?
    On a side note you may wish to check out this posting: http://forensic4cast.com/2010/06/17/sometimes-i-wonder/

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