No new episode today, sorry

I’m sorry to say that we are not able to do an episode of Forensic 4cast tonight. Simon visited the dentist today and has been feeling a little worse for wear.
Once Simon has recovered enough we’ll record another episode.
Thanks for your patience.

4 responses to “No new episode today, sorry”

  1. I’d like to propose a future topic for the podcast. Although Windows Vista is quite common nowadays I’ve haven’t been able to look into this OS from an forensic perspective.

    Fortunately, I discovered the power of the Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) which is implemented in Vista. For the listeners who don’t know, it might be worth mentioning the fact that you can use ‘Photorec’ by Christophe GRENIER ( to carve out the files stored within the VSC. At my company Hoffmann Investigations (Netherlands), we have tested quite a lot of file carving programs and Photorec ended up as a big winner.

    Other than that I would be very anxious to learn more about other tips and tricks useful for examinations on Vista.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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