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We Didn’t Start DFIR

I started this back in April and hoped to have it finished for the 4:cast Awards last month. Sadly, life got in the way. This evening I had the time to finish it off. Hope you enjoy it. Lyrics below: Harlan Carvey, EnCase, Cellebrite, X-Ways Champlain, Huber, Exiftool, Ultradock 5 Sysinternals, Paraben, tools from Eric…
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DFIR For Good

There is a hymn that we sing at church. The first line of the song alone is a message unto itself. “Because I have been given much, I too must give.” This is a message that I try to live up to. I know I’m not able to help everyone, but I can always do…
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Forensic 4:cast Awards 2020 – Video

On Friday July 17, 2020 the annual Forensic 4:cast Awards took place at the SANS DFIR Virtual Summit. The video for the awards can be found below.

Yet another Shameless Plug

Yesterday I came to you with a request to buy and read my father’s book. It was 100% for charity and for your own edification. Today’s request is somewhat less altruistic. COVID-19 screwed up a lot of people’s plans. SANS moved from live, in-person classes to the “Live Online” format very quickly. So quickly and…
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2020 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Nominations are OPEN

Is it really that time of year again already? Yes! The nominations for the 2020 Forensic 4:cast Awards are open! I’ve added one new category. Please either watch the video or read below for the category descriptions. Note that awards will be announced at the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin, TX on July 16. Winners…
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2019 Forensic 4:cast Awards – Coming Soon

January is that special time of year when a jolly old Englishman opens the nominations for the Forensic 4:cast awards. Nothing is changing in that regard, but changes to the awards themselves are definitely coming. Here’s what’s going to be different this year… Nominations – The nomination process will largely stay the same. The only…
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Gamble? Not with your future.

Honestly, I’ve never been big into gambling. The closest I’ve come is buying a lottery ticket when I was 18. While I understand the excitement, the science, and compulsion, it has just never been a huge draw for me personally. There are many things that fall into the category of gambling. You can choose to…
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Voting is Closed

Took a few days to get this out, for which I apologize. Life is crazy sometimes. Voting for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards is now closed. The winners will be announce at the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin (details can be found here: https://www.sans.org/event/digital-forensics-summit-2016) on June 23, 2016 at 4:45pm Central. If you’ve been nominated, please…
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As Promised

Every year. Every damned year. Well, these people caught me on a morning when I feel unwell and decidedly curmudgeonly. So here’s their email and my reply. This is Helena from Compelson, the creators of MobilEdit. Hello Lee, Unfortunately we didn’t receive any invitation from you, that is time to vote… Any chance we could…
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Nominations Closing Soon

Get your nominations in quickly because this Sunday is the last day to voice your opinion on who should be included in the voting portion for the 2016 Forensic 4:cast Awards. Thanks to everyone that has posted a nomination thus far, except, of course, for you, Kyle Rhodes. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! Early next…
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