I know you’ll cheer at this…

Not sure when the next episode will be as my voice has vanished for a few days <cue cheering>.  My kids got sick so, naturally, I got it too.  If we can find anything interesting enough to talk about we’ll put an episode up in the next couple of days.  Don’t forget to sign up for our forum here.  I redid it this last weekend so you may need to sign up again (sorry).

8 responses to “I know you’ll cheer at this…”

  1. Hope you are not made redundant and have to live in an council estate bedsit. Make sure to put all your jumpers in the boilwash, so the germs will die.

    You did sound right nackered last go around.

  2. More mockery? Why do I bring this side out in people?

    Aaaaanyway, we’ve got a couple of topics now so I think we’ll do a podcast in the next day or so.

  3. Ron,

    why are you mocking Forensic 4cast? Its a great podcast and one that has inspired me, if you don’t like the episodes then why don’t you suggest a topic? Don’t mock people if your not going to at least help make it better.

  4. Brandon, its ok, take it easy. I think Ron was just trying to get a bunch of English-isms into a ingl sentence. He wasn’t poking fun. Thanks for sticking up for us though.

  5. Let’s pull up our socks and get to work, lads. Cracking good podcast the last one, let’s see more like it.

    Have fun with topics, then…

    1. Real forensics vs Wowsers Forensics. Yes, you can image ram, devote 200 hours for a single machine, and retrieve everything, but in the real world how often do you look for the simplest stuff and let the rest go by the way side.

    2. Moore’s Law or something… Hard drives are getting bigger, faster than forensics techniques can catch up. What do you when you have to image a 1TB laptop drive in under 15 hours. Then what do you do with 8 million files.

    3. Sarah Palin’s Email account being hacked.

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