Repair work – Edit

I’ve finally found out what went wrong with transfering the podcast over.  A redirect on the page told iTunes to point to an invalid feed.  In order to fix this I’ve have to resubmit the podcast to iTunes and ask that the old link be removed.  How irritating.  But I’ve learned lessons from this that will help to avoid such complications in the future.

If all this stupidity hasn’t put you off listening altogether then you can re-subscribe through iTunes here.

I am also told that the new podcast link should appear on iTunes within the next 24 hours so you will be able to search for it like before.

Here’s an iTunes related question…

Why can’t I just log in to iTunes and manually change the feed rather than screwing around trying to get the feed to tell iTunes?  Surely that should be an easy feature to implement rather than going through and destrying my original podcast feed.


Also, Luby has pointed out that the RSS feeds have also taken a hit.  I didn’t even think about that.  Sorry everyone.  The new feed is (for rss version 2).  You can also find this on the left of this page under the heading ‘RSS Feeds’.

2 responses to “Repair work – Edit”

  1. I would love it if you guys did an episode on free forensic software, everyone likes free! I was listening to an older cyberspeak episode and they were going to talk about that, but in the end they only mentioned about two.

    anyway that would be great!

  2. Superb show this time around! Great interview with Mark and looking forward to the beta of Drive Prophet and other tools being worked on! Thanks for helping the digital forensics community!

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