I have now completed my CCE practical phase – and passed.  I don’t know how I found the time to do it given my current case load, but I did.

Just to keep everyone updated, I’m so busy that I make bees look lazy.  I have several terabytes of data to trawl through in the next couple of weeks, so all I can do is thank you for your patience and ask that you wait just a little while longer for another episode.  There’s not a lot of news around at the moment so if anyone can think of something to talk about please let me know.

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3 responses to “Success”

  1. Alright, then, but we all want a new episode!!!

    There is a great story about a man in Washington State who placed an ad on Craigslist. He wanted guys to show up dressed in a jumpsuit and a respirator.

    He did this so that when he robbed an armored car courier, he could get away in the confusion.

    When the police showed up, there were several men dressed like the suspect. The suspect got away, the police think, by floating down a nearby river in an intertube.

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