Fantasy Forensicator League

I had a thought a few days ago that I’d like to share. Please don’t take me seriously, I have no intention of starting this up, just thought it would be funny.

With Football (soccer) season just around the corner I have been bombarded with requests to join many different fantasy football leagues. While I was deleting one such email a thought entered my mind. Why not start a Fantasy Forensicator League?

The idea is quite simple, as with other fantasy leagues you’d get a certain amount of virtual cash with which to build your elite team of forensicators. You could choose, lets say, five people to be on your crack squad. Points would be awarded for various accomplishments. I thought something like the following would be awesome:

Giving a presentation – 10 points

Writing a whitepaper/blog post – 5 points

Being on a podcast – 10 points

Releasing a new piece of software – 20 points

Appearing on local radio – 15 points

Appearing on national radio – 20 points

Appearing on local TV – 20 points

Appearing on national TV – 30 points

I’m sure there are loads more. What can you think of?

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